SuperSlyde Original 400mL

SuperSlyde Original 400mL
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Size: 400mL



Have You Experienced Pain Or Discomfort During Sex?
Does Your Lube Dry Out Easily, Turn Sticky or Tacky?
Does Your Lube Cause Redness Or Irritation?
Is Your Lube Hard To Wash Off?

SuperSlyde is a one of a kind silicone lubricant that is the result of over 18 months of R&D. Our scientists have come up with a unique formulation that is unlike any other on the market –Super Slick, Ultra Long Lasting and Unbelievably Sensual, yet unlike other silicone lubes, Easy to Clean. One small drop will transform your entire “sexperience”!

Economy Size – Best Value! (400mL)


Have a healthy sex life? Then you need our economy 400mL bottle by your bedside. Elegant one-hand press top dispenser reduces mess and wastage – dispense only what you need and nothing more. All this fun for less than the price of a massage.


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Whether you are straight or gay, male or female, find out why so many people who have discovered SuperSlyde Silicone Lubricant have chosen us to be their favourite personal lube.
Since it’s introduction in 2012, SuperSlyde has been winning loyal fans and accolades from across the region for making every sexperience “Over The Top.


  • Winner, “Best Lubricant” – Eros Shine Awards 2013 (Australia’s top adult industry award)
  • #1 Best Selling Premium Lubricant – Singapore
  • “Top 65 Best Local Buys”
  • Recommended by GQ and Men’s Uno Taiwan
  • Popular in over 10 countries region-wide

The Time Is Now

90%* of users experienced enhanced sexual pleasure and performance with SuperSlyde. If you haven’t tried it, now is the perfect time!
You don’t have to believe us – just read some testimonials from our satisfied customers!
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SuperSlyde is the result of over 18 months of intense research & development in a quest to create the “perfect lubricant”:
  • Formulated with state-of-the-art “Atomic Silicone” that is unlike any lubricant on the market

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Unknown , 2014年03月10日

great! Great product!

Reviewed by Unknown , 2014年02月28日

Fantastic. It is a great product but could do better with the packaging.

Reviewed by M.Chant , 2013年09月12日

Good! Overall very good, remains slick and slippery for a long time. would be better if it is more easily washed off/away.

Reviewed by Unknown , 2013年05月30日

Amazing Lube.
I use them for sex with my partner and also with some of my toys... its awesome slickness make penetration easy and playing becomes more fun!

Reviewed by TGS , 2013年05月27日

Better than most, can be the best!
SuperSlyde is by far the best lubricant I've used... great for anal and long sessions... but the bottling is a big problem. Often leaks. What a waste of good stuff! Do improve on the packaging. The pump is better but need the bottle for travelling too.

Reviewed by chipmunk , 2013年02月04日

Experiencing the fun with my partner.
Non sticky & does not dry up easily, a great lube to enhance the sex experience with my partner.

Reviewed by N , 2013年01月12日

Slyding sex never felt this good... I went raw with my man and SuperSlyde made our lovemaking really hot and memorable. I look forward to having more sex with this awesome lube.

Fertilize me, baby.

Reviewed by Unknown , 2013年01月03日

Awesome size.
It's a very useful product and it stays lubricated. Just the right size for domestic usage.

Reviewed by Unknown , 2012年11月02日

Fantastic lubricant!!!
Try rubbing this on your cock and balls, sit in the jacuzzi facing down, and let the guy next to you give you a fantastic hand-job! Must not cum in the jacuzzi though!!!

Reviewed by Unknown , 2012年07月31日

Great Product! A lube that's slick to use and easy to clean up - so smooth it just wants to make you go on, and on, and on, and on... Mmmmm

Reviewed by waltz , 2012年05月22日

It feel great and silky smooth, much easy to clean up than other silicone based lube. I have no doubt to recommend highly to all my friends.

I have found MY LUBE! Thank you!

Reviewed by Unknown , 2012年05月20日

the best lube product i have use. b4 i have try many some of de lube . this is the best product i have try.
SuperSlyde more longer time use, not easy dry up. and most inprotent not feel sticky. and easy clen up.

Reviewed by Allan S, 2012年05月16日

A better-than-normal silicone lube.

Over the years I have used a number of lubes, and normally prfere them over the cheaper and more conventional water-based products.

But the problem I have always encontered is that the clean-up afterwards is always a major problem, because the silicone just seems to stick to the skin AND to the shower floor, making tha floor sometimes dangerously slippery. No amount of soap/whatever used afterwards, it always seems to be quite a task to get rid of the remains on your skin and evywhere else it seems to get onto.

However, Superslyde does not seem to have the same clean-up problems as other silicone lubes. By its very nature, Superslyde is also silicone and therefore not quite as easy to clean-up as with conventional water-based lubes.
HOWEVER, it is never-the-less a considerable improvement over other silicone lubes I have used. It is consideranly easier to cleanup afterwards, compared to other silicones I have used.

The only MINOR downside with Superslyde is that it is much more ""watery"" in its liquid form than other silicone lubes. As a result a lack of care can result in what you have squeezed onto your hand simply immediately leaking or running out of your hand before you get to put it where you need it. You just need to take a little more care when you squirt a small quantity out of the bottle into your hand.

In summary, Superslyde is a great product, feels just as good (if not better...) as other silicone lubes, yet is easier than other silicones to cleanup afterwards. You just need to be careful when squeezing some out of the bottle to make sure it does not immediately leak or run out of your hand.

An excellent product which I think I will be continuing to use into the future.

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