SuperSlyde Original 100mL

SuperSlyde Original 100mL
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SKU: SS001
Size: 100mL


Have You Experienced Pain Or Discomfort During Sex?

Does Your Lube Dry Out Easily, Turn Sticky or Tacky?
Does Your Lube Cause Redness Or Irritation?
Is Your Lube Hard To Wash Off?

SuperSlyde is a one of a kind silicone lubricant that is the result of over 18 months of R&D. Our scientists have come up with a unique formulation that is unlike any other on the market –Super Slick, Ultra Long Lasting and Unbelievably Sensual, yet unlike other silicone lubes, Easy to Clean. One small drop will transform your entire “sexperience”!

Handy Travel Size (100mL)


Perfect for your carry on luggage or gym bag. Don’t let airline carry-on restrictions stop you from joining the mile-high club in SuperSlyde smooth luxury. Always carry one with you and rough rides will be a thing of the past.

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Whether you are straight or gay, male or female, find out why so many people who have discovered SuperSlyde Silicone Lubricant have chosen us to be their favourite personal lube.
Since it’s introduction in 2012, SuperSlyde has been winning loyal fans and accolades from across the region for making every sexperience “Over The Top.


  • Winner, “Best Lubricant” – Eros Shine Awards 2013 (Australia’s top adult industry award)
  • #1 Best Selling Premium Lubricant – Singapore
  • “Top 65 Best Local Buys”
  • Recommended by GQ and Men’s Uno Taiwan
  • Popular in over 10 countries region-wide

The Time Is Now

90%* of users experienced enhanced sexual pleasure and performance with SuperSlyde. If you haven’t tried it, now is the perfect time!
You don’t have to believe us – just read some testimonials from our satisfied customers!
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SuperSlyde is the result of over 18 months of intense research & development in a quest to create the “perfect lubricant”:
  • Formulated with state-of-the-art “Atomic Silicone” that is unlike any lubricant on the market

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Tj &, 2014年04月11日

Greatest feeling ever.
It was an amazing experience having to purchase this and use it first hand! We were initially skeptical about silicone lubricants but this changed everything. Simply amazing to put on and wash off ;) super slyk super slyde!

Reviewed by Mazzini M, 2014年03月21日

l love this product.會一直支持!會介紹給朋友!

Reviewed by Unknown , 2013年12月11日

Slick but difficult to wash it off.
A nice smooth n slick textured feeling. Unfortunately, I have to wash the residue a few times with soap and warm water before I could get it off totally.

Reviewed by Craig , 2013年09月21日

Best Experience.
It's really one of the most wonderful silicone lub i had tried. And i dun have to use alot. great product guys!! Cheers!~~

Reviewed by wilson &, 2012年07月10日

lub us up & bring us to heaven!
We are choosy and particular about lub, and this is so far our best choice. lub all night and can have 2nd round.

Reviewed by Kay C, 2012年05月29日

So far, this is the best of lub I'm used before.
Cool and nice, smooth and not too oily. Nice to have fun all night long. LOL thanks anyway abra

Reviewed by J.Daisuke.W , 2012年05月03日

Happy and excited.
: ) Felt honor to be among the first batch to receive this awesome product sampling. Go go go supersylde!

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