SuperSlyde Original 400mL

Economy Size – Best Value! 

Have a healthy sex life? Then you need our economy 400mL bottle by your bedside. Elegant one-hand press top dispenser reduces mess and wastage – dispense only what you need and nothing more. All this fun for less than the price of a massage.

SuperSlyde Original 100mL

Handy Travel Size 


Perfect for your carry on luggage or gym bag. Don’t let airline carry-on restrictions stop you from joining the mile-high club in SuperSlyde smooth luxury. Always carry one with you and rough rides will be a thing of the past.


SuperSlyde Original 250mL

The Original! (250mL)

Are you ready for an Over The Top Sexperience? Ignite your sexual chemistry and enhance your performance with our breakthrough silicone formulation.


The result of over 18 months of research and development to create the “perfect lube”, SuperSlyde’s unique formulation is unlike any other silicone lubricant on the market, rapidly garnering fans and converts from all over the world since its launch in 2012. SuperSlyde is available nationwide in Australia, and all across Asia.

SuperSlyde's innovative formulation pushes the boundaries of silicone science to create the perfect lubricant, specifically designed to ignite your performance and enhance your pleasure. 

Not all silicone lubes are created equal - and SuperSlyde is the result of over 18 months of R and D in our quest to be best. Our scientists delved deep into silicone chemistry, carefully controlling the catalysts and silicone chain lengths, coupled with optimal mixing temperature and relative humidity, in order to arrive at a formulation that is extremely slick, unbelievably sensual, ultra long lasting and easy to clean, SuperSlyde is also latex safe, hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.





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